Black Rattan Bar Stool

Pre-order now for November arrival. Almost all pre-sold, so please reach out to us soon. Priced at $395.00 each.

Our black rattan bar stool will add a textural element to your kitchen space. With a seat height of 65cm, it is perfect for most kitchen islands.

Made in our own workshop, we have strengthened these bar stools with extra reinforcement at the base. We have also added soft rubber feet to ensure a decent barrier between the iron base and your kitchen floors.

Care instructions: Rattan is a natural material and, whilst very strong, it is not plastic or iron. Care needs to be taken using this stool. It is designed to be sat on, with weight evenly distributed. Do not place pressure on any part of the seat with your hard, or stand on the bar stool as pressure may cause the rattan to snap or break. Also please be careful not to sit on the stool with keys in your pocket or a belt where it could catch the rattan and cause it to snap or cause it to break.

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