Caramel Leather Arm Chair

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This gorgeous caramel leather arm chair consists of a teak wood frame with strong, and high, back support and smooth-edged arm rests. The tactile nature of the smooth arm rests appeals to both men and women.

The bespoke shade of caramel leather works well in both light and darker interiors. Our genuine leather bears all the nicks and scratches inherent to a hide, rather than a "perfect" surface as may be seen on a chair upholstered in faux leather or vinyl. The authentic material adds to the character of your chair, and celebrates a nature. These are not flaws.

This leather chair has a firmer feel to the seat, allowing for ease of getting in and out. Add a sheepskin or cushions at the back or side of your arm for a layer of softness if needed.

This chair has been designed by Larissa Hamilton from Corcovado and is exclusive to us.

Note: Avoid direct sunlight as leather will fade in the sun.


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