Who is Corcovado?

Larissa Hamilton Corcovado Furniture New Zealand

Corcovado was born in 2015, in response to our own need to create a home that felt more aligned with the way we wanted to live.  

A home that could offer a retreat from the noise and stress of the outside world. One that would feel authentic, and unique to our family, where natural, sustainable materials were celebrated and the work of human hands acknowledged.
Why was this so important to us?
Because we believe that well-designed, handmade furniture, made in small runs and created from natural, sustainable materials truly impacts mental health and emotional well being. 
Almost every piece that forms part of the Corcovado furniture range has been designed by Larissa Hamilton, here in NZ.  We consciously choose to work with, and support, other small New Zealand businesses, local NZ manufacturers and talented NZ artisans, including in the making of our sofas and arm chairs.
We also choose to work with small family groups of creative craftspeople living in Indonesia for our wood and rattan items.  Having lived in Indonesia for 3 years, with our young children, we understand what every order placed means to the families we work with.  Thank you for supporting our business.   We hope our unique range resonates with you, allowing you to create a haven for your own family too.